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Chemically inert pumps of the Extreme Series in water purification

Pollutant-free water for dialysis

Water used in dialysis must be especially pure. Tap water is contaminated with particles and salts - making it unsuitable. Our customer developed a process that can be used to clean tap water. To achieve this, the contaminated water is pumped into a chamber subject to a certain amount of pressure and which is separated from another chamber by a semipermeable membrane, which contains water with a lower particle concentration.

Diener Precision Pumps: two views of the gear pump of the Extreme Series used for food an beverage, sterilization and fuel.

Based on the laws of osmosis, this would bring about a concentrate equalization.

When pressure is added, the reverse osmosis ensures that the concentration of toxins remains in the first chamber. The water in the second chamber is clean.

The more salt there is in the contaminated water, the higher the pressure that is needed. Our customer uses the Extreme Series from DPP to create this pressure.

Diener Precision Pumps: Water molecules in relation to the gear pump of the Extreme Series for water treatment.

Extreme Series Gear Pumps

The Extreme Series gear pumps provide highest flow rate and highest pressure. It is the perfect match for applications that involve demanding fluids.

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