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Dosing pumps from the Precision Series in disinfection technology

Reliable supply - seal-free and valve-less

The customer is a leading specialist in disinfection solutions. There was a problem with the diaphragm pump that was used to deliver hydrogen peroxide to a decontamination chamber. Frequent downtimes came about because of motor problems and the service time required to fix them. As a result, the customer started looking for a new solution for the application: a pump type that offers different flow rate speeds and a consistent, fault-free performance.

Diener Precision Pumps: Profile of metering pump of Precision Series can be used for analysis and hematology.

Working closely with DPP, an excellent replacement was found: a specially configured metering pump that does not react to hydrogen peroxide and that meets all detailed requirements. With a pump design that does not require any valves or gaskets, the service life and reliability of the pump was optimized. The integrated motor also makes additional wiring a thing of the past, ensuring easy and clean installation.

This collaboration was extremely valuable to our customer: The high quality and the reliable, consistent performance of the pump minimizes downtimes in the decontamination chamber, and ensuring with it significant cost savings, while at the same time improving the customer's brand image.

Diener Precision Pumps: Laboratory work with the dosing pump from the Precision Series e.g. for laboratory diagnostics.

Precision Series Metering Pumps

With their excellent delivery accuracy, Precision Series metering pumps are perfect for use in dialysis, for example. They are also available in a double-ended version.

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