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Inkjet-Pumps of the Silencer Series in glass printing

Inkjet printing with pigmented ink

Our customer is a company that specializes in glass inkjet printing. The printed glass is primarily used in architectural projects and in the traffic industry.

Diener Precision Pumps: Profile and front view of the Silencer Series ink jet pump gear.

There were recurring problems with the metering pumps the customer originally used because of their pulsation, which had an adverse effect on the print quality.

While discussing the problem with DPP, the Silencer 500 ml was found to be the best alternative: Its low pulsation ratio eliminated the problem during printing. Because ink containing pigments is used for printing, a decision was also made to use especially hardened components.

The result: a pump that not only eliminated the previously existing printing problems, but with a long service life that the customer was thrilled with - an important attribute in the printing industry, where pumps often run continuously.

The company now delivers prints of the highest quality, and saves on costs for maintenance, cleaning and system components, which were necessary in the past because of the pulsation.

Silencer Series Gear Pumps

Long service life, quiet, low pulsation - the Silencer Series can be used in a variety of different applications: Either in the version with additional electronics or the Silencer Smart version with integrated control electronics.

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