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Metering Pumps of the Precision Series

Highest precision for sensitive applications in medical technology, analysis or diagnostics

Diener Precision Pumps: Front view of metering pump of Precision Series can be used for dialysis and laboratory diagnostics.

The Precision Series metering pumps allow for extremely accurate fluid dosing. The delivery accuracy is 0.5 percent. This makes them the perfect solution for use in dialysis or medical technology.

The piston geometry isolates the pump’s inlets and outlets, so it does not need any additional valves. Thanks to the simplified design, the metering pump minimizes restrictions during the delivery process and lowers the cost of installation. The delivery volume can be adjusted by changing the angle between the engine and the elbow.

The RPMs, direction and speed are detected by the encoder, reverberation sensor and visual sensor. The simple metering pump is equipped with a stroke volume of between 0 and 393 microliters per piston stroke.

The DPP metering pump is also available in a double-ended version. This way, two pumps can be operated with one motor, so that mechanically an extremely consistent mixing ratio can be achieved for diagnostic devices, for example.

Application examples

  • Dialysis
  • Analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical technology

Pump specifications of the Precision Series

The Precision Series metering pumps are tailor-made to meet your requirements. The parameters that allow adjustments will be available to you soon.

Download Datasheets & 3D STEP files

Do you still need more accurate information on our Precision Series? Here is where you can download the data sheets and 3D STEP files for all of our models.


DPP pumps are all characterized by their robustness and performance. Wear and tear is at its lowest, and their smart designs ensure a sustainable reduction of operating costs.


Our pumps are made from materials that are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals. This means our pumps can also operate reliably and precisely in even the most severe environments.


Our pumps are versatile. With angle adjustment, a metering pump can deliver various doses. This allows you to relieve one metering pump of larger volumes and create synergy.

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