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Reliability and continuity for your strategic development for more than 20 years.

One thing that stands out when you are dealing with a family-owned business is the personal touch: You as the customer know exactly who you are dealing with.

This is also the case when you work with Diener Precision Pumps. The owner Rolf Diener and his dedicated staff personally guarantee the quality of their products. Another thing you can count on is continuity and reliability: At Diener Precision Pumps, our customers do not need to worry about any short-term change of course - this gives you peace of mind as we work together to find and execute a long-term strategy to meet your goals.

Diener Precision Pumps was literally born with its focus on quality workmanship: More than 60 years ago, Rolf Diener's father, Oskar Diener, established Diener AG - with only one lathe and a manual drill. By offering precise, mechanically accurate and on-time work, his company eventually became one of the most successful suppliers in the field of precision engineering. Only the very best is good enough - and that's the guiding principle that Diener AG lives by. And that applies to the same extent to DPP - the company that was spun off from Diener AG more than 20 years ago.

Diener Precision Pumps shares the passion for precision and a focus on the customer with its parent company. In order to be able to offer custom solutions for the wide range of different customer issues, traditional craftsmanship, a state-of-the-art machine park and reliable engineering skills joined in. This special combination is what makes DPP so distinctive today.

1994: Year established
Diener Precision Pumps: Portrait of Rolf Diener
Rolf Diener

In August 1994, Rolf Diener, Doug Robinson and John Bishop established Diener Precision Pumps (DPP) in Switzerland.

1996: Precision for dialysis
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of platelets

More than 20 years ago, we impressed our first customers from the field of dialysis technology with our precision products.

1998: New customer, new industry: Inkjet printing
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of ink splashes in the field of inkjet printing

One of the market leaders in professional inkjet printing has been relying on our pumps since 1998.

1999: Introduction to the US market
Diener Precision Pumps:  Image of American Flag

By supplying its first American customer, DPP taps into an extremely important market: the United States. The customer is one of the top 10 companies globally in the life science industry.

2000: New production facility
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of Diener Logo

Diener Precision Pumps gets a brand-new, state-of-the art production facility in Embrach, Switzerland only six years after it was established. To this day, high-precision gear pumps and metering pumps are produced here.

2001: Center of innovation in California
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of Diener Logo

Since then, the innovative heart of Diener Precision Pumps has been beating at the newly opened location in Lodi, CA, USA. Products are still being manufactured in Embrach.

2005: 1,000,000 pumps sold
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of laboratory

In 2005, DPP had a record year, breaking the one million mark of pumps sold.

2005: First ISO certifications
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of ISO Logo

Since the day of its founding, Diener Precision Pumps is a name synonymous with precision and the highest quality products. This is acknowledged officially by being certificated according to the medical standards ISO 9001/ISO 13485 and by setting up a clean room according to ISO Class 7.

2009: Pumps for food & beverages
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of an Latte Macchiato

In 2009, we showed that our pumps are also excellently suitable for solutions in the food & beverages industry with our first customer from this industry, a global market leader of coffee products.

2011: Introduction to the asian market
Diener Precision Pumps:  Image of asian map

In 2011, we supplied our very first customer in the attractive Asian market.

2012: Introducing the Silencer Series
Diener Precision Pumps:Image of gear pump of Silencer Series

2012 was the year when the Silencer Series gear pumps were successfully introduced to the global market.

2014: Double-ended metering pump
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of Double-headed metering pumpDiener Precision Pumps: Image of Double-headed metering pump

The double-acting metering pumps have been enriching the range of Diener Precision Pumps products since this year.

2014: DPP supplies key account in Japan
Diener Precision Pumps:  Image of Japanese map

Diener Precision Pumps becomes qualified as a supplier for a very well-known Japanese company, becoming the very first international supplier this company has ever seen outside of Japan.

2015: 2.5 Million Pumps Sold
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of pump production in a labatory

DPP continues its successful path to international growth: In 2015, our number of delivered pumps exceeded the 2.5 million mark.

2016: DPP Goes to China
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of Chinese Flag

Clear evidence of DPP's high quality and ability to offer great service at a good price. DPP signs a master agreement with China's dialysis market leader Jihua.

2017: Silencer-Series gets reinforcement
Diener Precision Pumps: Image of gear pump of Silencer Series

In 2017 the Portfolio of the highly coveted »Silencer-Series« was extended with a 3000 ml/min and a 4000 ml/min variant.