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Engineering your Flow.

Whether in laboratory or medical technology, the food industry or in complex industrial applications, every customer requires customized solutions that are developed precisely to match their needs. We know how important precision is in our products. Just like the human heart, pumps ensure a trouble-free and accurate fluid exchange in demanding machines.

Working closely with our customers' engineers to develop gear or metering pumps that satisfy the specifications 100 percent of the time is our specialty.

During the development process, our engineers work closely with our customers - allowing us to deliver results fast: Typically, the customer can test the prototype at its location within 14 days.

Our focus during the development stage is always on how the customer can benefit: Our excellent quality, long service life and products that satisfy the requirements relating to improved performance, lower energy consumption and economy are simply impressive. We will show you the various design alternatives and, in joint collaboration, we can keep installation costs at a minimum.

Diener Precision Pumps: A technician's view of tailor-made pump solutions, OEM pumps, PEEK pumps or valveless pumps


Every pump that leaves our factory is made to measure and designed exactly according to the technical requirements of our customers. Furthermore, they can always be retraced through their laser markings.


Our pumps are always constructed to deliver the same quantities with consistency and reliability. From prototypes to final products, every pump is of equally excellent quality.


Our promise of quality is accompanied by guarantees unmatched in our industry. We‘re here to make sure that you impress even your most demanding customers.

Certifications at a glance

We have the high-quality workmanship of our products certified by independent bodies on a regular basis. Take a look at our certifications.

Our commitment to quality

For us, quality is more than just a statement: Our quality commitment is the guiding principle that we base our day-to-day work on - to ensure that your pumps function perfectly.

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